Are You Ready To Achieve Your Dream Of Being An Esthetician? 3 Tips To Prepare For A Career After Beauty School


The beauty industry is booming, and estheticians are in high demand in salons, spas and wellness centers. While you know that going to beauty school is the first step toward becoming an esthetician, it is also important to be thinking ahead. As you prepare to enter your esthetician classes at a place like Bear Heart School of Massage, use these tips to get the most out of your program so that you can move forward into a successful career.

Prioritize Sanitation and Hygiene

You will quickly find that sanitation and hygiene procedures make up a large portion of your lessons. While it might not be the most exciting thing to study when you are eager to begin performing beauty treatments, the truth is that hygiene procedures are critical for your success as an esthetician. Not only will you need to adhere to strict sanitation and hygiene procedures to pass the state board exam, but you can also expect every client to observe the cleanliness of your workstation before they sit down in the chair.

Focus on Developing Your Sales Skills

People skills are critical for a career where you spend large amounts of time performing personal services for your clients such as grooming their eyebrows. While being able to identify needs and hold a conversation are important, you should also be aware that many estheticians also sell products as a part of their services. Selling products helps your clients maintain the effects of the treatments that you provide, and being able to sell to your clients gives you an additional way to boost your profits. Make sure to learn as much as you can about the product types and brands that are available on the market so that you are prepared to use and sell them once you enter the workplace.

Plan to Continue Your Education

The health and beauty fields are constantly changing, and you must stay on top of the latest news if you want to be an expert esthetician. In most states, continuing education courses are required for license renewal, but you should also seek out educational opportunities as a way to expand your business. For example, knowing how to perform the latest hair removal treatment or being able to recommend a brand new product helps you stand out in a competitive industry.

By knowing where to direct your attention, you can look forward to stepping into a professional career from the moment you earn your license.


14 March 2018

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